Photo bombing at the Red Cross

Feb 20 1945 p2

Feb 20 1945 included clipping

Feb 20 1945 included clipping back

Tue. Feb. 20, 1945

Dear Folks,

The enclosed clipping about the Reconditioning unit was in the Camp Hood newspaper.  A few weeks ago some of us were picked (I wasn’t, but barged in anyway) to pose for the picture taken in the Red Cross Reading Room here.  I had no idea the picture was going to be taken at that mement as I was deeply engrossed in some magazine.  I recognized myself from my position, where I was sitting, watch strap, and that white hairless streak on my head.

The neasty weather that started on Sunday is still continuing.  Therefore no hikes and the afternoons have to be taken up by movies and orientation.  That’s where I came in .  There was just about 10 minutes to fill in this afternoon so I breifly reviewed the news.  Sometimes when I have closer to an hour, I’ll try to organize a discussion on some topic, or just blab gthe whole time.  Schnore, the private in reconditioning here, again seemed to like my work.   I believe the captain is coming back tomorrow so he may listen in.

The cookies in their very deceiving can arrived today.  Do you want me to send it home.  I guess so.

Tonite a few of us got a ride into town and took some clothes into the cleaners.  We saw a movie and came back early.

That’s early,




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