A gal for every guy

Feb 25 1945 p2

Sunday, February 25, 1945

Dear Folks,

Just returned from a very enjoyable weekend in Dallas (for a change) and plowed into the cake, which had arrived Sat. morning but too late to start on that day.  We made the 140 miles in 2 rides this time, in very good time.  We (Don and I) visited another fellow who had been there since Fri. and who was supposed to try and get dates for us with 2 nice girls he knows.  I thought we’d go to the concert as the one I’d take likes that stuff. But everything was Snafu when we arrived and no dates did we have.  We came back into town, ate, then went to the U.S.O. where a corporal asked us if we’d like to go to a party at his house.  He explained that he was home on furlough and was having 6 girls over and wanted 5 other soldiers.  We accepted, got in his car, were driven to his house and spent a very nice evening.  We played some dice game (no gambling) where partners try to roll 6’s and keep moving from table to table changing partners.  Then came refreshments, dancing etc.  After the affair we went back to our friend’s house to spend the nite.  We woke up late, ate breakfast, came back into town, saw “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and left for home.  We made it the same way as last week. (hitch from Dallas to Waco, bus from Waco to Gatesville.)

I’m almost positive that if I was chosen to go to that educational reconditioning school, I would have left yesterday.  I was told tho, that our names were sent in too late, but there may be another cycle in 4 weeks.  Who knows?

That’s all,

Love, Bru



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