I don’t know what good just a bath will do

Feb 27 1945 p2


Tuesday, February 27, 1945

Dear Folks,

Today I got my first mail since Sat. – 6 letters. (3 from you)

Physio is just 15 minutes of whirlpool bath. That’s all they have here.  I don’t know what good just a bath will do without proper exercise, but I supposed it builds morale, if nothing else.

Today I made another ½ hour talk on current events, and just anything else that came up in my mind.  I got a little discussion started and it was a very informal affair.  I don’t find it hard to lecture, like other fellows seem to do-uh-ing and oh-ing all the time.  I usually talk straight and fill in with a few jokes and wise cracks or reasonable facsimiles thereof.  At least a few men laugh, so I’m satisfied.  Usually in the morning I gather a few ideas together and let it go at that.  I’ll have another tomorrow probably.

I really enjoy reading about Paulie’s antics, especially the way you describe them.  Sometimes I just burst out laughing. Even Herb tells me stories about Snookie.

Oh yes, I received the 2 bucks, thanx!

Don and I are going to town tonite to take some more clothes to the cleaners.  Then, per usual, we’ll see a movie.

That’s all,

Love, Bru


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