at least don’t send a present!

march 11 1945 p2


Sunday, March 11, 1945

Dear Folks,

Just returned from Dallas, where I just didn’t get a chance to write.  2 other fellows (Don and a new one) and I went together and for the first time got a hotel room.  It wasn’t too bad except that I slept on a 45O angle.  Sat. nite we went out to a big amusement park where I rode one ride, and also saw a war exhibit there.  We slept until 11:15 Sun. morning, ate and (saw)  a very good mystery, “Ministry of Fear” with Ray Milland.

That’s one picture I’m sure Dad would like.  We caught a ride to Waco where I ate a filet Mignon (just another steak to me), thence back to Camp.

Answers: (1) My limp has all but disappeared except when I get tired, even then it’s very small.  In fact the only I know it, is to look at my shadow.

(2)  Mrs. S. J. Lewis    820 Monte Vista Ave.            Dallas, Tex.

I don’t know why (exactly) you want this, they don’t expect anything in return and I’m not going back there any more (I think) at least don’t send a present!

Herb wrote me and he mentioned a story Paulie made up about a 4 yr. old mouse.  I hadn’t heard it, so tell me.  Oh, yes, I wrote you about Martello’s lizard and that gave me an idea.  If and when I have the time and inspiration, I’m going to write a story for Paul entitled “Lizzie the Lazy Lizard.” Or has one been already written-

That’s all,

Love, Bru


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