a platoon of my own

march 12 1945 p2

Monday, March 12, 1945

Dear Folks,

Today’s my 8th anniversary! In other words I was hurt 8 months ago today.  To celebrate this gala occasion I accompanied the 2nd platoon on a 5 mile hike.  The Lt. in charge was a speed demon and soon they were travelling so fast I had to drop behind and form a platoon of my own.  I really enjoyed it.  The platoon was sweating (it was pretty hot) and there I was strolling along behind, my sleeves rolled up, whistling and waving at passing cars.  One car full of girls slowed down and asked if I wanted a ride.  I yelled “Sure!” but they just laughed and drove off.  All the while the Lt. would look behind him and cast a glance my way.  It’s getting so that I don’t give a hoot what happens.  I guess I’m going hospital-crazy.

I told you about Don leaving. Wally wrote me a week or so ago and he is also in the hospital having dislocated his thumb playing basketball.  Betty is practically overcome with Penn, but really, you should know already.  Don’t you ever talk to her?

I’m going to the library now, to get a new book.

Love, Bru

P.S. Did Non get the Bronze Star?  Boy that’s swell.


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