Martello and his trained lizard

march 9 1945 pg2

Friday, March 9, 1945

Dear Folks,

Yesterday I made another Good rating in the 7 mile hike.  I don’t know either my leg is better or the hikes are being made at a slower rate (I think it’s the latter).

Today when the major came around he didn’t say one word but scribbled something on my papers and handed them to his secretary.  I don’t know if I’m shipping out Monday or staying for another week.  I’ve been here 6 weeks today and it’s getting so that I’m getting a little tired of this place and want to get re-assigned.

There’s a little Italian fellow in the ward from Boston and he keeps me in stitches all day long.  He speaks with a slight Yankee-Italian accent that’s hilarious and is always dancing around or saying something or doing something that may not be funny to others but puts me and another fellow in hysterics.  A few days ago he (Martello) found a little lizard about 3 inches long and he took him in as a pet.  I named it “Lizzie the Lizard” but we don’t know whether it’s a him, her or it.  For a while he was keeping it in his foot-locker but I said it would starve so we made a leash out of string and tied it up outside so it could eat any bugs or whatever it thrives on.  Martello plays with it like a trained dog and I act like a barker, “Step up, 10¢ to see Martello and his trained lizard!”

Well that’s all,

Love, Bru

P.S. I just read “Jamaica Inn”


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