I’d do anything to get out of here.

march 15 1945 p2


Thursday, March 15, 1945

Dear Folks,

Boy, everybody’s getting promoted except little me.  That’s just another reason why I want to go back to duty- since I have to.  This morning I talked with the major about why I was staying here so long he answered that he didn’t know except that there was some talk I was to be assigned right here.  Luckily some time later, I found the capt. in charge of reconditioning and asked him.  He replied that all he knew was that my name was sent in as an applicant for the school, and that it may be a good idea to see the classification and re-assignment officer at N. Camp to see if there are any openings in the Air Forces or Signal Corps since I’d much rather be in one of those than stationed in this hole in the medics.  I’ll try either tonite or tomorrow to see that officer.  I’d do anything to get out of here.

Somehow or other I kept with everybody else in a pretty fast 7 mile hike today.  Don’t worry I didn’t outdo myself and my leg didn’t hurt or I certainly would have fallen out.

I got a box of chocolates from the Fouers today.

I guess that’s all,

Love, Bru



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