It was like in the old silent days

march 17 1945 p2  march 17 1945 p3    march 17 1945 p4

Saturday, March 17 (11 PM)

Dear Folks,

Today sure was screwy.  I had originally intended to take off with another fellow about 9 AM.  I made last minute instructions with him then took off down a road in back of the hospital where I was to meet him in a few minutes.  I waited half an hour before giving up and came back in time to stand inspection.  At noon I met, by accident, another fellow who wanted to go to Ft. Worth, so we took off together at the regular time.  We got to Waco then out on the highway safely but for the first time my luck was really bad.  Not a car stopped in over an hour and then it started to rain so we called for a taxi to take us back to Waco.  We came back, ate in a steak house, then ventured to the USO.  There we picked up another boy from the hospital and together we got a room in a hotel.

We had nothing special to do, so just for a venture the newest fellow and I decided to go to visit Baylor Univ. and whatever else is there.  (Baylor is in Waco).  We met two other soldiers on the bus and for a while we just walked around the campus.  We wandered into a large building and discovered a telephone switchboard with an operator behind it.

Naturally, the girl being quite a beauty, we all stopped to talk for a while.  She was a student at Baylor who was taking the operator’s job.  After an interesting and enjoyable conversation we finally had her call the girls dorms and get 4 girls for us just to walk around the campus with (since that’s all they would do).

That she did, and the girls were nice, intelligent, college kids, nothing special, and we all went to a free movie that was being shown in the college auditorium.  It was an old one and the sound track so bad we couldn’t hear what was going on.  It was like in the old silent days.

After the movie the girls had to go back to their dorm so we said goodbye and came back to town.

I’m writing this from the U.S.O. and now I guess we’ll go back to the hotel.

That’s all,

Love, Bru

P.S. Here’s two of 3 pictures I had taken for the hell of it.  Please give one to Betty, I’ll let you two decide that.  Maybe I’ll have 3 more taken tomorrow so there’ll be a bigger variety. (3 for 25¢)


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