Bruce’s Vanity (what’s he got against the medics??)

Bruce's Vanity (what's he got against the medics??)

march 28 1945 p2

Wednesday, March 28, 1945

Dear Folks,

Well, watt-dyou-know! Here I am back again at N. Camp Hospital, except this time I’m assigned here, not as a patient, but in the medical detachment in education reconditioning. I sleep, as the other reconditioning boys do, in a private room, in ward A-22 (not inc. in address) while all the other medics here, sleep in the enlisted men’s barracks. We’re considered the air-corps here, or we have better accommodations and an all around better deal (I’m told). I haven’t seen any of the fellows I’ll work with as they’re all out on pass. They’ll probably faint when they see me again, as my old friends here practically did when I came in. Nobody ever expected to see me up here again, and neither did I.

I was disposed of from the hospital this morning and went to the med. Det. HQ at S. Camp as I was ordered. I waited there a few hours before I saw the capt. He made a few phone calls and then tells me the startling news of my new assignment.

Of course, nobody in any official capacity has welcomed me here. Oh no, my mistake, the 1st sarg. welcomed me here.

Now, get this straight. I’m only in the medics by name only. It just happened the type of work I’m doing falls under that general title. But if anybody wants to know what I’m in, it’s edu. reconditioning. That satisfies my vanity.
Well, that’s all,
Love, Bru


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