they don’t expect much from me

march 29 1945 p2

march 29 1945 p3

march 29 1945 p4



Thursday, March 29, 1945

Dear Folks,

I didn’t do a lick of work this morning, just sat around in the office and talked.  That’s the kind of job I like.  I was given my new “8th service command” shoulder insignia and also the medic doo-dad which, I guess, I’ll have to wear.  I’ll send Paulie my old TD shoulder patch which he can wear on a sweater or coat, etc.  If you want to be realistic it should go on the left sleeve ½ “ below the shoulder seam.

I, more or less, talked one of the secretaries in the office to sew one on my shirt for me, as a beginning.  I’ll try the next one.

But, too much unimportant business, here’s something of more importance.  I was sent down to S. Camp today for a physical profile.  All able bodied medics are being sent overseas and this profile tells whether you go or not.  Since I hadn’t been regularly profiled yet, I went thru a whole physical examination lasting over ¾ of an hour.  I breezed thru everything being marked “class 1” until they asked me if anything was wrong with me (not eyes, ears, nose etc.) and I proudly showed them my busted gam.

That really took the officers attention and naturally, I limped my best for him and showed how stiff my knee was etc.  Well that did it, he marked down “class 3” under 2 headings in the profile number.  (I believe they are for general condition and lower limbs).  Now class 3 is limited service and should be disqualified for overseas duty.  At least that’s what I’m led to believe from some reliable sources, but, you know the army, they can change anything at any time.

Uh, yesterday I had a quick chance to look at my records while the major (at S. Camp) was out of the room.  There was a paragraph that told about my leg and knee and at the end said, “this man will go back to duty for trial.  He may be discharged.”

Now don’t get any false hopes, because I doubt it very much.  I’m doing very light work physically now, and probably I’ll seem OK for that sort of work.  It was only a recommendation and probably doesn’t mean too much.  But, at least, again, they don’t expect much from me, and I’ll do my best to gold-brick and not give them much in a physical sort of way.

I’m taking over the CQ (change of quarters) job for a friend tonite (John Schnore one of the ed. record. Boys)  We get it a few times a month.   It includes bed check at nite, and reveille in the morning.  Now I’m a big shot and will do things that I always watched others do.

I guess that’s all,

Love, Bru


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