The boy who cried “probably shipping out tomorrow”

march 27 1945 p1

march 27 1945 p2

Tuesday, March 27, 1945

Dear Folks,

Hurrah! Mail today and about time too. I got 3 letters forwarded from N. Camp and had the ward boy go to the medical detachment post-office here and sure enough, 4 more letters were forwarded there. I don’t know why as I’m still a patient, but it certainly looks like I’m a medic.

My chart and records were sent to the front office today, so I’ll probably ship out (all the way across the street) tomorrow or Thur.

Yes, I received and thanked the Fourers for the candy.

Glad Paulie like “Lizzie.” Thanks for the ideas. I’ll try to do something with them.

The old Texas sun is really coming out in its full glory again, especially in the afternoon.
I can’t think of anything else
That’s all,
Love, Bru

P.S. It was swell hearing you on the phone last nite. I’m sorry I couldn’t hear everything, especially when Paulie spoke, as I couldn’t get a phone in a booth and was speaking in the room right outside of the Red Cross Auditorium. There were plenty of fellows in and around, so naturally there was some noise.


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