the forerunner of a whole flock of them

apr 3 1945 (2) p2

Tuesday, April 3, 1945

Dear Folks,

Thru some unexplainable slipup in the Post office dept., I received a letter today.  I shall repeat that-I received a letter today. (dated Mar 26).  I hope that’s the forerunner of whole flock of them.

Today I took over for an hour in a news discussion.  I started off on the latest news then got some discussions of a few items.  Whenever there was a lull, I would use a statement somebody made before, tie it up with something to do with the Navy and go happily rattling on and on.  Somehow or other I found myself lecturing on the German Navy in World War I.  Maybe I had a one track mind, but it sure comes in handy now to fill in gaps.

One of us will have to take a map reading class about twice a week.  I probably know enough about it to teach it, but I’ll try to get out of it.

I’m supposed to sign the supplementary payroll tomorrow.  I have 2 months pay and 8 months insurance totaling $123.40 coming.  I doubt if I’ll get all of it at once, but whatever comes will be greatfully received.

Last nite and this morning I took over the CQ’s job for another fellow.  We had reveille this morning (it wasn’t raining) and everything went smoothly, including all the saluting and reporting to the officer, for me.

I guess that’s all

Love, Bru


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