Not much doing

apr 3 1945 p2

Thursday, April 3(sic- must be Apr 5 or another Tues, April 3)

Dear Folks,

First of all, I found a picture of a C-46, the type of plane I went up in on Sun. and thought maybe you’d like to see what kind of flying machine I picked for my first flight.  I wandered around the whole crate but spent most of the time up front.

Yesterday I started my physio which I’ll get 3 days a week.  I had the regular whirlpool, then a massage and the muse said they’ll try to rig up some sort of pulley-weight device for exercises.

More movies today, but I went to class and drill this afternoon.  The drill was a farce when it was given by a staff-Sgt. who didn’t even know how to march.

John Schnore, one of the 2 other swell guys in Ed. recon. at N. Camp came down today to take over the new program of skits etc. over the P.A. system.  He’s also an airplane enthusiast.

That’s all,

Love, Bru



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