I feel like a prize goldfish.

apr 5 1945 p2 apr 5 1945 p3

apr 5 1945 p4

Thursday, April 5, 1945

Dear Folks,

As it stands now, and I don’t see how it can change, I’ll leave my happy home here and go to work at S. Camp and I mean work.  It’ll still (be) ed. recon. but there’s more to do there and probably less time off.

In order to keep receiving mail I think you’d better start writing to Med. Det. Station Hosp., South Camp, Hood, Texas starting about Sun. or Monday.  I’ll probably leave Monday or Tue.  This, I hope won’t interfere with my laundry and getting paid.  Thanks for the dollar.  I can certainly use it.

I got your first 2 letters sent up here again.  Dad I don’t see how brains can get me out of this now.  Even all the cadre-men (all sergeants) pleaded with the capt. saying I was necessary up here.  (they meant I was necessary to play ping-pong with-we play team matches all day long-but it sounded good anyway).

Thanks for the books.  I’ll let you know when I want them.  When I’m sure of staying put for at least a few days.

I asked a Lt. about that ed-recond. school and he said that he hadn’t heard anything more about it, but if they do, I’ll probably go.

Et Lane(Aion) sent me a very enjoyable, funny letter and I was very surprised to hear that Mickey is in France.  She said it as if she thought I knew it-I had no idea.  Why doesn’t somebody tell me these things?  She also said, and I shall quote “How about letting us know what you’d like to have.  (Sorry-we can’t send her by mail)” unquote and I say what is this, a conspiracy? Can’t I carry on my own romances without the whole family butting in.  I even got a “man to man” letter from Herb.  I feel like a prize goldfish.  It seems that everybody knows what’s going on, except me.

Lee and I’ll probably go to the big city of Gatesville tonite.  I have some clothes at the dry cleaners.

Oh well, I blabbed enough,

Love, Bru


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