Back to its normal goodness

Back to its normal goodness

apr 1 1945 p2

Sunday, April 1, 1945

Dear Mom, Dad and Paulie,

Well as I live and breathe! Guess where I went this weekend, Dallas? Right! How did you guess?

Don and I went and had a very nice time. Our hitch-hiking luck was back to its normal goodness and we arrived fairly early. I called up that cadet nurse I met and got a date but when we arrived she couldn’t get a friend for Don, but we all went out together and had a swell time. Don more or less was the “chaperone” and I did the dating (paying is more like it) Just a movie and a sundae.

We went to see our friend who had just got his discharge on Thur. He was still in uniform but somehow or other he looked like a civilian again. Lucky guy!

My mail still “isn’t” except for an occasional one (2 to be exact) that were still mailed to my old “patient” address.

I think I’ll go to the mess-hall tonite and get something to eat. That’s a privilege reserved for cadre-men and CQ’s.
That’s all,
Love, Bru


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