except in one place I sewed both sleeves together

except in one place I sewed both sleeves together

march 30 1945 p2

Friday, March 30, 1945

Dear Folks,

Well, I’m all bedecked now with everything medic-hat braid, collar insignia, and shoulder patch. I even turned seamstress this noon and sewed a patch on a shirt. It was a pretty good job, too, except in one place I sewed both sleeves together in the process. Enclosed is my dear old TD patch that I loved so dearly. Please preserve it for posterity. I guess Snookie’ll want to wear it.

All the work I did today was to give a 10 minute news summary and play ping with the rest of the cadre men (the other reconditioning boys)

They all seem to have taken me in very cordially and now I joke around with the sergeants that a week ago gave me orders. Of course they knew me slightly from stay here as a patient so that probably made things easier. But all are married and except one, have their wives down here. Therefore it’s sort of lonely at nite, but I still have a lot of friends among the patients, so that helps.

Oh yes, as a detachment man I have no more of my old pass troubles. We are issued a “class A” pass with our names typed on it and it’s always good.

Next week, I’ll probably “work” a little harder taking 2 lectures besides my new stuff. But that doesn’t worry me as I’m going to devote one to ships and the other to a news discussion.
That’s all
Love, Bru


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