here are the excuses

april 8 1945 p2

Sunday, April 8 1945
Dear Folks,
I’m sorry for not having written the past two days, but here are the excuses. Fri. I just didn’t get around to it as I went to see a movie. I’m CQ this weekend so I thought I’d have plenty of time to make up for it and write on Sat. (I have to be here Sat. and Sun) Sat. afternoon went pretty fast especially when I listened to 2 symphony concerts over the radio in the Red Cross. Sat. evening I read for while then decided to take a nap, wake up, write a letter to you then go to sleep for good. Everything worked out fine except that I awoke from my nap about 10:30 PM after which I promptly undressed and went right back to sleep.
Today from 8 to 5 I’m on duty at the information desk. It’s very quiet so I’m making up time on back correspondence and reading. I’m reading “Assignment in Brittany.”
I called up S. Camp and confirmed the report of my shipping there tomorrow. Oh well, I’ll see what working at S. Camp is like.
Yesterday I turned my overcoat in for a mackinaw (it’s required for all service troops on this side to do that, so combat troops overseas can use them) and got a new pair of gloves (G.I.) free to make up for the pair my friend Don lost for me. That’s the advantage of being a good friend with the fellow that works in the supply room. I should have paid otherwise. That’s all. Love, Bru
P.S. got the cookies


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