Wednesday, April 11, 1945

Dear Folks,

Here’s some money for my future spending. Just how much do I have now, inc. all bank accounts, and money I’ve sent and brought home? By the way, should I give Dad’s name on future money orders as he may be in a better position to be around banks etc. and get the dough.
\ Just heard the report that the 2nd arm. div. is 57 miles from Berlin. WOW!
Today we had movies in a ward and also in the classroom. After the 3rd showing I lay down on a b bed in the ward and didn’t even look. I hear reports that I’ll take a news discussion on Mondays in addition to my regular work. That isn’t too bad, but I have a feeling I’ll have more things to do, slipped in on the sly. There’s talk of starting a weekly newspaper. Since I’m supposed to be in supreme high command of class and patients (bed patients) I’ll try and get me a desk. Everybody else has one in the part of the ward, we use as a classroom, set aside as an office.
I think we’ll see the new Jack Benny picture tonite. That’s all.
Love, Bru


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