Thursday, April 12, 1945
Dear Folks,
I guess today will go down in history. A few of the fellows were standing around a radio in the barracks when I came in from chow and they told me of the President’s death. I smiled, and said “Well, yes, I know,” thinking they were kidding me. Then a new report came over the radio and I did a perfect double take. This was really something that had never ever entered my mind, even as a possibility. Well as Dad says, “always look for the unexpected.”
We showed more movies today and I guess I’ll soon be chief projectionist. I learned how to handle the 16 mm. sound Bell and Howell machine we use, this morning. It’s really fun working all the levers and switches for sound, lights, motor, volume etc.
I sent my papers (1 & 2) in for a course in aerodynamics. That’ll be for a starter and if I like these courses I’ll get more.

Well, guess that’s all,
Love, Bru
P. S. Yes, I did get a box (tin) of cookies-if I hadn’t told you before. Today I got your first letter addressed here. Not bad service
I really laughed at Paulie’s adventure with the bear. How about more pictures of everybody?


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