Monday, April 9 1945
Dear Folks,
Well I’m installed here as permanently as I know. There are a few nice fellows in recond. here and I’ll probably go to a movie with them tonite. Already I best the “champ” here in ping-pong, 3 out of 4 games.
My work here, as far as I understand, will be of a supervisionary (?) nature. I’m to supervise the ed. recond. that will be carried on in the wards by a few “patient” instructors. I’m not exactly certain to my definite duties but I’ll walk around and see that everything’s progressing as it should. Probably I’ll do some work of my own too.
I can’t think of anything else,
Love, Bru
P.S. Oh yeah, our boss that brought us here from N. Camp, broke down about 8 miles from here and we had to be towed in by a wrecker.


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