Personally, (I hope) I think I flunked again.

april 17 1945 p1 april 17 1945 p2

Tuesday, April 17, 1945

Dear Folks,

Today I was re-profiled along with a whole bunch of others. I was called in and sat down. The capt. said,”Here’s a new man from the TD’,” then said the major to me,”Why were you transferred.” “Fractured femur and a stiff knee, sir,” retorted I. “Does your knee interfere with the bending?” “Yes sir!,” I almost yelled and practically flew to an upright position to show him my scars and knee bend.

“Hmm, all right, that’s all.” – and that was that. Personally, (I hope) I think I flunked again.

I started an airplane recognition class today in the wards with some flash cards I got today. It may go over.

Tomorrow and Thur. are movie days. I hope they won’t get too boring after the 4th showing.

I’m going to the little town of Kalleen tonite with a few fellows (We call it Q(G)uadal-kalleen). (like Guadalcanal?)

I guess that’s all,

Love, Bru


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