companionship and new friends

april 18 1945 p1 april 18 1945 p2

Wednesday, April 18, 1945

Dear Folks,

Received your “prize-package” today. Thanks, I can use everything (in due time).

Today ran smoothly, my special classes functioning as well as expected and the captain seems to think I’m doing a good job. He received a few forms to fill out, telling our specific duties and his own rating of our work. He wrote down a whole lot of stuff as my duties, some of which are very trivial but still count I guess. I also ran a special picture twice today. Right now it’s a lot of fun working that big projector, but it’ll probably get boring later.

At lunch today I sat across from a very nice sergeant and we got to talking. We kept on after eating and now I have a new friend. He’s a well-educated college boy, likes classical music (we were fooling around on the old piano we have in the day room. I was playing tunes and he was guessing them.), and we’re going out to the service club tonite. That’s about the biggest advantage this place has over N. Camp-companionship and new friends.

I’m about half way thru “Topper Takes a Trip.” I guess I’ll soon read all of Thorne Smith’s works.

I can’t think of anything else,

Love, Bru


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