I’m sorry to disappoint Herb, but I certainly do rate a furlough

april 20 1945 p1 april 20 1945 p2

Friday, April 20, 1945

Dear Folks,

I didn’t write yesterday because we just showed movies again. Today some captain lectured on communications and brought 2 field phones as examples. Before he started he told me to help him in a living demonstration of how a phone line can be tied up by unnecessary calls. I rang a phone, while he was lecturing, then dashed down the classroom skidded around a desk and grabbed the phone nearest him, as if answering it. I then went into a monologue about anything I could think mainly stuff about passes and dates. I kept chattering away to some figment of my imagination I called “Joe” and after a few minutes of nonsensical dribble I handed the phone to the captain saying the call was for him. He then showed, by that, how a line can become tied up. I also pulled the same stunt for the afternoon class. The captain said I was very good. (as a fool, tho).

Tomorrow, events that I have no control over, say that I make the orientation lecture on the Mexico City conference. I’ll worry about that tomorrow.

I just came back from seeing “The Enchanted Cottage.” On the way there I planned to stop in and see a friend about making arrangement for going to Austin tomorrow. I lost his address and my mistaken memory led me to “A” Battery instead of “C,” so I couldn’t very well, and didn’t find him.

I’m sorry to disappoint Herb, but I certainly do rate a furlough, and I’ll try to put in for one by July. I have no idea if I’ll get it tho.

That’s all,

Love, Bru


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