The old shirt switcharoo

april 21 1945 p1 april 21 1945 p2

Saturday, April 21, 1945

Dear Folks,

The rain just came down in sheets all day until about 6 tonite, so I didn’t go anywhere-yet. If it’s nice tomorrow another fellow and I may try to make it early to Austin and go flying, but it’ll probably rain again tomorrow.

Today the Capt. and I collaborated on the combination news and orientation talk. I gave news, he gave some history on S. America leading up to the Mexico City Conference, then I gave the rest of the lecture on that.

I just saw Roy Rogers in Utah at the Red Cross. I don’t think detachment men are allowed in there and that the shows are for patients only as we can go to post theater. So I borrowed another shirt as mine has the 8th serv. Command patch and went in that. Nobody even said a word.

Maybe I’ll go to the PX tonite.

Oh yes, my correspondence course arrived today. Boy I got more than 3 times as much as I expected. There was the regular manual on aerodynamics, a text-book on aeronautics and a work book on the same subject. Not only is the course concerned with drag, forces acting on a plane, wing design, and stuff I need to know for designing but also how to fly, air-navigations, meteorology and plenty of trig and geometry. Not only am I going to take the course and more but I hope to take reviews on different subjects on my own, with the great variety of army text-books we have here. (in the storeroom of the ward we have the classes in) Right now I have plenty of ambition but later on?-well, we’ll see.

That’s all then,

Love, Bru


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