Four Jills and a Jeep

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Sunday, April 22, 1945

Dear Folks,

The rain and misty weather continued all morning so we decided not to go to Austin. Anyway there was a move, “The Fighting Lady”-a Navy documentary about an “ait-craft” carrier that was playing in Temple and I wanted to see it. So here I am back in Temple. Naturally I re-visited McCloskey and found that the patients from 26 had been moved to ward 15. There were just a few old ones left. I saw 2 of them who were working in a new phys. reconditioning program recently inaugurated there. They go around and give exercises just as the patient-instructor (to other patients) at S. Camp hospital (those in phys. recond.) One of them was Sgt. Gillie-remember the little guy with a bad arm that always talked a lot?

I came back to town and just couldn’t find the movie where Fighting Lady was playing. I walked up and down etc. and etc. and finally found one I hadn’t seen, “Four Jills and a Jeep” and decided to go there as I thought the other wasn’t playing anymore. It was very good all about these 4 movie stars who went overseas in a USO camp show. As I came out I walked down the street and there 2 doors away was the picture I had been looking for all afternoon.

Since that was the one I came to see I decided to eat, write some letters (which I’m doing now) and go back later and see it. (which I will do shortly)

This morning I read a few chapters from my USAF course. It’s really swell, just like being back in school again. My real course, the one I have assignments etc. in deals only with real aerodynamics, all the other stuff I mentioned yesterday were just in the text-books. After I take the final exam I’ll read that stuff on my own. The course is a combination of physics, math and aeronautics-just everything technical about airplanes. When it came yesterday I was so excited looking over the books, tables, charts, drawings etc. that my friend George (the other fellow in Ed. recond.) said, “Just like a kid with a new toy.” That’s exactly how I felt.

Well that’s it, I guess,

Love, Bru


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