from what I see, expect one sloppy looking parade

april 26 1945 page 1 april 26 1945 page 2

Thursday, April 26, 1945

Dear Folks,

Today was movie day but I only saw one show, as I had to go to detachment orientation classes in the afternoon. A Sgt. who had been overseas and visited Egypt, Palestine, Syria and Italy talked about his experiences and the different countries. Then we were supposed to have 1 hr of drill but all there was, was about 20 minutes of the most elementary stuff. (Stuff I taught at Farragut). That’s only about the 5 millionth time I’ve heard it, (and all the other fellows too, I guess) but the army always starts from the very beginning.

Tomorrow I’m on retreat parade and from what I see, expect one sloppy looking parade. I’m not in the army anymore, just a uniformed civilian that has to take a lot of stuff from a couple of men that as officers make good garbage collectors.

I was issued an O.D. wool sweater today. All men in the detachment are issued one. It is slightly tight in spots. I had no trouble in putting it on, but for a while I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get out of it.

Yes, it was my idea about the plane recog. class, but it is only used as a fill in for bed patients. As I’m supposed to be chief of that program I can put it in wherever and whenever I want.

That’s all, then,

Love, Bru

P.S. The shoulder patch (8th serv. Command) is for Paulie to wear if he wishes. It’s OK because it’s a slightly distorted one I found in a P.X. I have another good one to save as a souvenir.


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