“Hirshorn you’ll have to take over.”

april 23 1945 page 1 april 23 1945 page 2

Monday, April 23

Dear Folks,

The cake and 2 letters and postcard all from you came today (whoops! March Slav is playing on the radio) and I had to swipe another knife from the mess hall. I just couldn’t find my other one even tho I rooted thru my foot locker, furlough bag and 2 barracks bags.

When are you going to Wildwood, if you are, this summer as I’d like my furlough to be then? I talked to a fellow who works in the office and he said I’m eligible right now for one but I’d rather wait until summer, when Betty has some free time and when you are at the shore.

I don’t have Bob’s address. Also I mislaid Lee’s so please send me both. Yes, crackers and jelly would be nice for an experiment, so send a small package first.

Capt. Rigg, our ed. recond. officer, is going to be away all week, so I’ll have to take over in the lectures that he is supposed to give. He came over to the barracks especially to tell George and me. He said, “Hirshorn you’ll have to take over.” I always kid around with him (the capt.) and said something about “Yes, I expected it and he said “Why you shouldn’t mind. You’re a good speaker.” I just smiled and nod my head, “Yes, Yes, I know.” Later I went over to his barracks with him to get some stuff for my talk and on the way I asked him about ratings. He said that after I’m in a year, he’ll get me a Pfc then he’ll try to get other ratings as fast as he can. I know how fast that is. George has been a Pfc. For 18 mos. And he’s been in this outfit for almost a year. Oh well, NUTS!

That’s all,

Love, Bru


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