Maybe I’ll be a lecturer, who knows.

april 24 1945 page 1 april 24 1945 page 2Tuesday, April 24

Dear Folks,

Today was moving day at the zoo. Up until today all recond. both cadre and patient instructors lived in one barracks alone. The other half of the barracks was used as a classroom for detachment orientation classes. (We just attend those, not give them). Anyway, the commanding General of the 8th service command inspected the hospital yesterday and came into our barracks. The story is that he thought the place could look better, so they kicked us out and made the entire barracks a classroom. We were left to fend for ourselves and luckily we found, or rather made room for all of us in the next barracks. This is a very full place but so far doesn’t seem bad. I’ve met a few nice fellows already, and I hope I can make some real pals.

I took over in class today and gave a combination news talk-orientation lecture on the Pacific Isles for both classes. Maybe I’ll be a lecturer, who knows. I’m expected to take tomorrow, too, I think.

The cake is almost devoured but I’m afraid that it arrived in a partly devoured state. That was the first time that it crumbled in transit, usually it keeps its shape very well.

That’s all now,

Love, Bru


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