Of all things!

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Friday, April 27

Dear Folks,

Of all things! I spent all last Sunday trying to see the “Fighting Lady” and what happens? We show it today to the patients! It wasn’t in Technicolor as the original was but it wasn’t bad, even if I did see it about twice again today.

This evening we had our weekly Retreat Parade and this week I was on it. There were hundreds of soldiers, inc. WACS, there and it wasn’t as sloppy as I had expected except both the capt. and Lt. of our company pulled some mighty bad boners.

In fact it was so funny, we all laughed right their faces. They smiled, turned bright red and gave a very brisk, military sounding command, correctly next time. There was a pretty good band there, in fact that was the best part of the whole affair.

I’m on duty Sat. nite (emergency duty; just hang around) so I won’t go anywhere-much. If possible (I’ve been saying that for 2 weeks now) I’ll take off early Sun. morning for Austin.

After a detachment meeting tonite I’ll probably go see the “The Picture of Dorian Gray” with a very nice fellow I met.

It struck me very funny when I read that Dad and Paulie had seen “Winged Victory” in town. I just can’t imagine him going to see such a picture. Does he tag along with Dad as a rule?

I think I’ll put in for a furlough for the 1st of July. I think that would be the best time but I doubt very much if I’ll get it then.

That’s all,

Love, Bru


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