German Surrender

May 8 1945 p1 May 8 1945 p2

Tuesday, May 8

Dear Folks,

Today it’s final and official! That’s all for Germany. This morning we were told we’d be restricted to camp for 48 hrs. following the declaration and the following weekend also. The idea is to prevent a disturbance but that’s going too far, especially when everything is so anti-climactic. No cheers, no songs, business as usual, at least around here. I heard over the radio that Phila. went pretty wild though, as compared to other cities. Of course, we’re all mighty happy and glad, but the first shock has worn off long ago. The rumor now is that some of that restriction has been lifted but I don’t know how much.

Today a colonel from 8th Serv. Command H.Q. inspected here today, and I took him around and showed him our classes and rooms while the Capt. was lecturing. I must have shown him the right stuff and piled it on thick enough, as he went away with a very good opinion of our work here. The Capt. later complemented me. HA! He’s very lavish with complements, but it all stops there. He never yet has done anything for us.

This evening I’m going to rehearse our first skit for the P.A. system.

Just came back from rehearsal. We’re broadcasting Friday afternoon for 15 minutes. This one is on German atrocities. I’m the announcer and “voice in the background.” Sort of a Norman Corwin affair. I think they’ll go over good.

Whoops! Station just announced German surrender(6:20 CUT)

The heat is coming. Today was pretty hot.

That’s all,

Love, Bru


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