Hello and thank you for reading!  Because this is a blog and not a website, users will need to use some roundabout methods to access all the features.  Here are some tips:

1. The posts are sort of backwards in that if you want to read the letters chronologically, you’ll need to start by scrolling all the way down to reach the very first letter (sent on June 23, 1944) – and then work your way up to the most recent.

2. In order to see the fronts of postcards, envelopes, and multiple-page letters, you will need to click on the post, and then click on the small image underneath the main image.  This will make it big so you can read it from the original.

3. I’ve put LINKS in the typed letters for more info on some of the things he mentions, such as movies, books, and radio shows of the time. Click ’em!

4. I want to give a special thanks to Neil Bardhan for helping to spread the word about the site and to my mom, Terry Hirshorn, for helping type up the letters!

5. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions – You can also email Bruce personally at

It means so much to me and Uncle Bruce that you are reading these letters – he has told me numerous times how much he enjoys revisiting these stories.   He also doesn’t believe me that people other than our family will want to read them.  I think we’ve proved him wrong.  Enjoy!



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